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So Google changes their algorithms yet a

So Google changes their algorithms yet again, increasing the importance of keeping your site “fresh”. Been saying that for years now…

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Building business at the Beachwood Busin

Building business at the Beachwood Business Exchange!

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43% of smartphone users would exchange b

43% of smartphone users would exchange beer for Internet access on their phone. Tough call. Mobile Insights from Google

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“How to Sell to Fans & Followers”, a w

“How to Sell to Fans & Followers”, a webinar by Practical Commerce & Zmags. Free. Tuesday June 7, 3pm EST. #sellonline

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Finally, you can explain to your boss ho

Finally, you can explain to your boss how Social Networking is saving your company. #chartsngraphs #HootStats

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Is Your Online Store Just an Afterthought? 6 Reasons to Bundle Product.

So you put up an ecommerce website or shopping cart solution and loaded it up with as much product info as you can, maybe did some SEO or Pay per Click and sent off an email announcing the new site.  Then you probably went back to business as usual back in the 4 walls of your brick and mortar store.

A few weeks or months later, you wondered, “I haven’t really had many sales on my website.  Hmmphh, this stuff is for the birds…even more reason why I shouldn’t waste my time on the Internet”. 

Sound familiar?  It’s not an unusual evolution. 

Don’t fall into the trap!  Your ecommerce website is another location for your store and deserves the attention as such.  You need to market and merchandise for your web store, but in different ways than you do for your brick and mortar store.

This week, we’ll simply talk about merchandising.  You have to create value, urgency and uniqueness to help you differentiate yourself from all your online competition.  Just because you can’t sell a product for the lowest price, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.  You just need to get creative.

One strategy is product bundling.  This allows you to sell items that are popular, but with other items together for a reduced price, which makes it harder for shoppers to compare pricing apples to apples with your competition.  Consider creating weekly or monthly bundles at the lowest possible price, even if perhaps you lose a dollar or two.  Why?  It will help you…

  1. Acquire a new customer (what is the lifetime value of a new customer – how much will they spend with you in the future?)
  2. Encourage current customers to try new things that you sell
    1. This is why it is very important to have items in the bundle that are disposable or non-durable goods, things that are used up
    2. If they try it and like it, then they come back and buy more from you at full price!
  3. Use them as a type of low margin (not loss) leader.
    1. This helps “get their attention” in the hopes that they will browse the site for other products while they are there.
  4. It helps to train your current customers on using the site and gets them used to knowing that it is there, so they do not have to delay purchases until they can “get to the store”.  They can buy more, more often.  Sure we love them in the store, but some just can’t come as often as they may wish, and they need to get used to buying from you online.
  5. It helps acquire more email addresses for email marketing.
  6. It gets folks to the site to use the word of mouth, tell a friend and the new Facebook and Twitter tools! (If your store does this…if not check out

 Good luck bundling and May the Force Be With You!

– JoGonRu, Jedi Master of eCommerce

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Why Use Twitter With or Without Ecommerce Solutions?

Amidst your busy days, most of you have heard about Twitter. And my guess is most of you have decided there’s not much there for you to use to improve sales. Really, what are you going to tweet about? It’s just another time sucker, right?

Wrong. Even though, everything you read says you have to tweet 3-5 times per day for it to be effective and you have to spend time following other folks, here are some clear, concise and practical ideas for how you should be using Twitter to drive foot traffic in to your storefront or eyeballs to your online store:

  1. Use it alert your current customers of a sale: Tweet the promo code to them and tell them to come in and mention the code. This works just as well if you have an online store too!
  2. If you carry “hot” fad type items that are difficult to keep in stock, consider using Twitter to notify those potential customers that the item is back in stock.
  3. Consider having Twitter ONLY events at your location. The have to be following you to be notified of a special wine and cheese event or some other customer appreciation event.
  4. If you offer services or are primarily a service business, consider using Twitter for tips, news, suggestions, how to’s, or other websites that might help you followers, in addition to some of the items above.

The best part of Twitter is you do not have to ask for their info or their email address. You just tell them to go follow you at Simple. The other great thing about Twitter is that you never have to worry about your message getting caught in a spam filter! All Tweets get through.

Twitter doesn’t have to be used the way comedians always rip on: “Hey, I’m putting a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom!” Twitter, like all Internet sites, is just a tool. Just make sure you make it totally obvious and easy for people to know how to follow you and give them incentive to do so. Put it on your receipts, your invoice, your voice mail, your store windows, your website…everywhere you can.

May the force be with your Tweets…

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Two Low Cost Ideas to Get the Word Out!

All of us struggle to balance the need to get the word out about our products and services with the reality of what our budget will allow. Certainly with the Internet, the cost to get out to the entire nation (yes, the world too) is the most cost-effective strategy one can take.

Yet, still the old standby’s for doing so, can typically take a small company into those budget areas that can make you squirm (but, don’t forget, they still are incredibly cost effective compared to other national or worldwide advertising mediums). So today I would like to offer up 2 places you should strongly consider using. Facebook Ads and

Most of you have probably heard about Facebook ads, even if you have not fully explored it as an advertising medium. In a nutshell, Facebook Ads are pay per click ads that get shown on the right hand side of a user’s Facebook page. They offer an easy way to allow folks to “like” your company and are still relatively inexpensive compared to the cost for the same pay per click on Google Adwords. Plus, you can include an image in your ad as well

Facebook also adds to its advantages the ability to target your ads to the precise demographic you want your message to be in front of. Gender, Age, Hobbies and Interests can all be used to make sure your ad is only shown to those that match your criteria.

And, since Facebook surpassed Google in percentage of total traffic a week or two ago, you are ensured your future buyers are logging in and seeing your ads!

The second site is a fairly new site called This site is a directory of services that people are willing to do for $5. Things like post your message to 19,000 of their own Twitter followers, or share your message with 13,000 Facebook friends. Most of the fun is in poking around and seeing what folks will do for $5, but imagine what a small $100 investment might be able to accomplish for you.

As always, implementing a tactical solution (what and how much) should normally be preceded by some good old fashioned strategic planning (don’t think D-day invasion here, just a couple days or a week of sound thinking) to establish the goals, appropriate audience, message, call to action and anticipated results.

May the Force Be With You and Help You Sell More!

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So, Facebook surpassed Google in weekly

So, Facebook surpassed Google in weekly traffic in America. According to Experian Hitwise: FB had 7.07% of all traffic and Goog had 7.03%.

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f You’re Committed to Selling Online, We’re Committed to Helping You Succeed.

Commitment.  That’s the key.  Looking back over the years (wow, it’s over 17 now!) at the clients we have helped, we have noticed one thing.  It’s not the size of the company, how long they have been in business, or the industry they are in that determines success in selling online.  Sure, some of those things can help, but overwhelming it’s commitment that drives their results.

And commitment is what we bring to the table.  We truly want you to succeed.  And to be a success you need a partner that is as committed to helping you navigate the online seas as you are to sailing them.  Assuming you have this commitment, there is one more essential element.  You need a time tested vessel built to withstand the storms and avoid the pitfalls that lie between you and the sales you want.

xSellit eCommerce stores will take you there.

xSellit is an easy to use, affordable, eCommerce package that is built from the inside out to be incredibly search engine friendly; comes packed with powerful word-of-mouth tools (like integration to Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email marketing tools; and most importantly, provides an intuitive shopping experience for your customer that will drive more sales to your door while reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Visit our website for more information.

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